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Where Garold is so-so and Sue is the Fun!

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Some of the classiest apparel decoration is traditional embroidery. Sue and Garold have over 20 years of experience in embroidery. Garold is the wizard who converts artwork into the file format the embroidery machines can use. Sue is the expert who assures these designs are perfectly placed and stitched onto the article.

Graphic Design

We are presented with different requests for artwork and the submissions range from ready to print to a blurred and pixelated image. Garold works his magic to produce the best results possible. Whether original artwork or production ready images, we have excellent software for the purpose. CorelDraw Graphics Suite has been Garold's goto since before the software had versions. (I think we are using version 23 now...)

Wide Format Printing

Our state-of-the-art printer produces excellent color coverage. With Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, Lt. Black, Green and Orange inks, We can print a wider gamut than the standard CMYK printers. It is a delight to work with. Roland makes one of the best print and cut systems currently in service. (This is our second purchase).

“Sew Fun made me such a beautiful wedding gift. It is hanging by my front door and is admired by all who visit.”

Gina Meldrum

Our primary apparel vendor is San Mar



Beautiful Scenery Everywhere You Look

Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world is and inspiration.  Working here is a blessing and we enjoy our work.  We’d love to meet you!


We offer extensive services and products. Our forte is personalization, but that can also include promotional items.