What We Do


Our embroidery shop is well equipped and well supplied.  With a large palette of embroidery thread colors and varying backings a variety of items can be decorated with embroidery.

Embroidery is the method of choice for a large part of the working world to identify their employees and get their name and logo circulated.  Caps are worn everywhere and are seldom discarded making a lasting impression at a reasonalble cost presenting a real value.

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Banners are excellent temporary signage.  They can be used repeatedly for seasonal sales and events.  They are easy to store and keep well.


Stickers are useful in a variety of ways.  From product identification and marking to “give aways” at shows.  It’s amazing some of the places that stickers can be found around us.  They are inexpensive and long lasting.  Whether it’s cut vinyl or printed and laminated, they hold their color and shape for up to 5 years and short-term applications can easily be removed.

Vehicle signage

Cars and truck with appropriate signage provide excellent brand recognition.  When the service provided is also mentioned it invites questions.  Frequently a service provider while on a call for their service will be approached by neighbor with a request for similar services.  An unmarked van in a neighborhood setting might generate the wrong kind of interest.

Yard signs

From political signs to real estate signs, the corrugated plastic signs on their “H” stakes are ubiquitous to the landscape around us.  Temporary yard signs can be essential in getting your message out there.  A well-made sign will draw the eye and announce its purpose and can be easily removed.