Truck signage

From and innocuous white pickup to a rolling billboard.  This customer left happy – and his business has increased.

A large sticker re-do

Time and the St. George sun had done a number on the side of this trailer.  Removing the old sticker and replacing it with one we had printed and laminated made a world of difference

Laser engraved cardstock

This frame was sold with the custom canvas backing.  Decorative cardstock was then cut to fit the frame in two layers.  The laser can cut intricate shapes from cardstock.  It can make a delightful gift.

Custom fabric flag

This material is referred to as “Tackle Twill”.  It is used to decorated jerseys and jackets.  Here the pieces were cut with the laser and heat pressed to a large piece of the material.  If you’ve been in the Vista school gymnasium, you’ll know this isn’t or first rodeo!